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1st Birthday T-Shirts

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1st Birthday T-Shirts For Your Baby

The first birthday is a very special event in the life of your baby. Of course, this must be celebrated properly. In addition to a big celebration and a delicious birthday cake, you can also celebrate the special day by giving your baby a T-shirt for his first birthday. This way, everyone recognizes the birthday child at first glance. The t-shirt is also a nice memory of this special day. Also on photos in the baby album 1st birthday t-shirts look good. The motifs on the Happy Birthday T-Shirts are of course suitable for children. Colourful colours, cute motifs and colourful lettering dominate. Of course, the t-shirts are available in different sizes. After all, not every baby is the same size at the age of one year. Many models are also equipped with snap fasteners on the shoulders to enlarge the neckline. Many children don't like it when a tight T-shirt is pulled over your head. With this solution, you can eliminate the problem and your baby will feel great when you put it on and take it off.

1st birthday t-shirts and hoodies for babies and parents

Sometimes proud mums or dads want to wear a T-shirt on the occasion of their child's first birthday. That's why Shirtcity also offers a wide range of children's birthday t-shirts in women's and men's sizes. The women's models are slightly waisted. As an alternative to the 1st birthday t-shirts you can also order many other printed clothes for your birthday. We offer rompers, tank tops and much more. For example, you can also choose the year of birth hoodies or age hoodies, so that everyone knows exactly how old your baby is. If you don't like our designs, you can also design your own t-shirt or sweater. Just upload your favourite motif and write your own funny saying. This way you can give your offspring a guaranteed individual T-shirt for their first birthday.