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Arts And Crafts T-Shirts


Art and Design T-Shirts

Have you ever wondered where you can buy these shirts printed with cool designs and lyrics, which some people walk around with? That's almost art and design printed on T-shirts! These extraordinary long-sleeved shirts or hoodies are clearly not off-the-shelf but have a very individual touch, and that's exactly what you're looking for. The founders of the Shirt City internet shop have recognized that more and more people are interested in individualized fashion and have developed a brilliant software for their platform. Every customer has the possibility to print his own motif on a long-sleeved shirt or sweat or to choose from a variety of ready-made motifs. Design your favourite piece! The special thing about Shirtcity: all the designs are designed by young graphic designers who know exactly what's going on and that's why you can't go wrong with fashion at all! Come on, Special Design T-Shirts are waiting for you!

Make a statement with your design T-shirt

At Shirtcity, both men and women are addressed with the right shapes and motifs. Do you also think Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Diamond sweatshirts are especially popular with girls. As is generally known, ladies are the jewels of creation and are allowed to wear them as statements on their shirts. Perhaps the message will reach the right person! Among the women's artists, the stylised portrait of Mexican painter Frida is the perfect choice. Guys are more into geometry hoodies. Well-made graphic illusions decorate 3D long-sleeved shirts in trendy colour combinations. You couldn't have created these motifs better on your own PC, there were real artists at work here. Favourite motifs here are Hexagon, Optical Flower and the three-dimensional shark. Now you're spoilt for choice - enjoy browsing through the art and design selection of Shirt City T-shirts!