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Gardening T-Shirts


Gardening T-Shirts with funny motifs and sayings

You have a green thumb and would like to appreciate your favourite hobby? How about a funny nursery T-shirt. Such a T-shirt can be adorned with your favourite plant or have a cool gardener's saying. It is obvious that many of the nursery's T-shirts are in stylish green, but of course there are also models in other colours. We offer t-shirts with nursery motifs for both male and female gardeners. The models for women are slightly waisted and inspire with a feminine fit. The men's t-shirts are straight and plain cut so that they can be combined in a variety of ways.

T-Shirts with clover and cactus print

The T-shirts belong to the sub-group of the T-shirts gardening company. Our clover t-shirts, for example, are lucky, at least if you believe in them. Our cactus t-shirts speak for a prickly character or simply for a special love for the desert plants. Our marijuana hoodies are very chilled. But Shirtcity does not only offer numerous tops for gardening. You can also order great science t-shirts from the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics and thus turn your inner nerd outwards. You are welcome to create your own individual t-shirt. This can be done without prior knowledge and within a few minutes. First, you choose the size and color of your T-shirt. Now upload your design and place it on the T-shirt. You can skillfully round off the design with a funny slogan. Now all you have to do is wait for the finished T-shirt to arrive. By the way, a self-made T-shirt is also a great gift idea for a gardener in your circle of acquaintances.