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Real Punk Cockatoo Parrot T-Shirt

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T-Shirt by B&C

Design: Real Punk Cockatoo Parrot
Product: T-Shirt by B&C

The classic Round Neck Basic T-shirt from B & C is the Shirtcity Standard T-shirt for men, but is also popular as a unisex product. The T-shirt is high quality manufactured with a generous and loose cut, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The large colour spectrum supports all imaginable prints and colour combinations.
This product is suitable for all common printing methods and also available in 3XL, see size chart.

Please check the size chart before you make a purchase.

Material: 100% Cotton
Fabric Weight: 145g/m²

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Size chart

Width in inch: 19.29 20.47 21.65 22.83 24.02 24.8
Height in inch: 27.17 27.56 29.13 29.53 30.31 31.1
There can be a standard trade tolerance of +/-5%!

Real Punk Cockatoo Parrot T-Shirt
Punk is a youth culture. It is characterised by a rebellious attitude and provocative appearance. Like shredded pants, jumping boots and the mohawk cut. The cockatoos also have a similar hairstyle, which they can put up according to mood and mood. A funny design for all fans of this youth culture.