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Yin and Yang Women's T-shirt

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Women's T-shirt by B&C

Design: Yin and Yang
Product: Women's T-shirt by B&C

The classic Women's T-shirt from Gildan is the Shirtcity standard T-shirt for women. It has a fitted cut, which is why it can be worn for day to day wear and is very comfortable. This women's T-Shirt is very popular, because of its wide range of colours and because it's suitable for all designs and printing colours.

Please check the size chart before you make a purchase.

Material: 100% Cotton
Fabric Weight: 150g/m²

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Size chart

Width in inch: 17.32 18.11 19.09 19.69 21.65
Height in inch: 22.83 24.02 24.8 25.2 25.59
There can be a standard trade tolerance of +/-5%!

Yin and Yang Women's T-shirt
Yin and Yang are the traditional order principles of the Chinese world view, as we already find them in the more than 2500 years old book of changes (I Ching or Yijing). They are polarities that originate mutually and are mutually dependent. One principle cannot exist without the other - without light, as we know, there can be no shadow.